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the news that dominated the week a once in a century media earth exploded with the force of more than twenty year russian mob bombs in the skies over central russia and even more falls and two hundred people injured. fresh of violent clashes over. talks in police fired tear gas at hundreds of stone throwing activists following the two year anniversary of the start of the anti-government demonstrations. a red rag to the face of the global community in north korea sparks outrage by carrying out a third nuclear test despite a u.n. ban and international sanctions. so you was back to mass in the arab spring countries then nato is to do list in afghanistan are due takes a look at the global issues president obama wasn't going to talk about drinking as much anticipated state of the union address.
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and news of the pope is to be the first and head of the catholic church to step down in six centuries across the country in the world the pontiff that his health would no longer permitted him to fulfill its troops and. you're watching our tease of the week leave you with me to bomb once a live here from the russian capital it's good to have you with us it was the maid that became a huge media star and the one event that dominated the headlines at the end of this week shooting and slashing across the skies of central russia it's one of the only times a major of such a size has. been captured coming to that residence the shot footage from every
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angle possible as it fell in the year olds the girls from space also stole the spotlight from an even bigger straw it that make a record close approach to earth on friday r.t. if you go to prescreen of has been tracking this shooting star. it was like a scene from a movie but with one exception it was real first the brilliant flash this big bright like him shining across the sky you know blinding brighter than the sun the skies were lit up by a meteor streaking across the skies above the russians. over want to have thousand kilometers east of moscow where not just unusual glare on the floor i thought it was lights from a car then we went to the window saw this strange cloud and then. and then this.
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would turn around and the wall was a gun and someone had moved it this use of massive explosions rocked the entire city damaging buildings and shattering windows. nasa said the explosive force of the media were breaking up was the equivalent of twenty here oshima bombs over twelve hundred people were injured including over two hundred children mostly from pieces of shattered glass. windows just exploded i saw one girl he had and the bring his hand were told to quickly put all clothes on and then ran outside and many were able to film the owner of the phenomenon later flooding the web with footage as rumors spread of what it might have been a stricken airplane a satellite that fell out of orbit even the beginning of the and of the world would mrs reported seeing fragments of the crashing all across the region. i saw
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a small can there was a weird smell but it was not a fire so i think it's a piece of meteorite and it's small during them no however most of the sightings turned out to be ordinary pete buck fires because so far officials have not found any fragments of the meteor for now the immediate priority. to look after the injured and repair the damage to buildings especially the broken windows in schools and residential areas as temperatures at marriott's drop below minus fifty years is another reminder that no matter how advanced technology gets nowadays when it comes to nature often we can only watch helplessly and hope for the best you've got this kind of party. central russia. the year to witness a once in a lifetime event as it has become the biggest meter to hit the planet in a century basically here you can watch exactly how it approached our planet to the
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ten thousand ton fireball as you can see the spinning over there. at the speed of twenty kilometers per second spell was light igniting and finally breaking apart when it hit the earth you know such objects entering the atmosphere are relatively common but usually they don't make it to the surface instead burning up in the atmosphere it was of course visible in all of four regions in russia but mainly out here in chile a brilliant ski region all this map you can see that areas as suffered the most of the ferocity of the five hundred killer to an explosion equivalent to more than the twenty nuclear bombs but joining me right now is a postcard who's going to share a little bit of light on this story in terms of how it's done around the world paul let me sort of way say that it's one of those stories that have gone world wide i'm talking from london to south africa to new york to japan why has this story become
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such a big you know this is a tiny little place in russia why is it making such headlines you know what makes t.v. news basically it's quite simple it's something that's rare you don't hear much more where the nation happens once every one hundred years or so in the chairman's region as you say it's got a human interest story twelve hundred people were injured and. fifty or so hospitalized seriously houses were damaged glass was smashed and knowing about the dramatic pictures as we can see here you see lights in the sky the bright flashes it has pretty much everything you could want from a global news story and it's the rarity and the drama that means it's gone global headlines of people across the world as you say from london to new york to boston to south africa the headlines have been been made and it's been a global story for its rarity and the dramatic nature of the pictures i mean in terms of well i guess in terms of some of the headlines they were rather dramatic you know some say it fell like the sun fell down let's talk about the phenomenal of
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social media and how stories like this are covered in social media and how they come and go people go crazy over them how old is something like twitter so now you know it's that totally changed the nature of how stories like this reporter people on the ground are not only people on the ground eyewitnesses instantly they can take pictures on their smartphones and it's out there for the world to see but something that we've also noticed is the the ease of which jokes can be passed around easily like i mean i'm just looking at some of this there you go you get the president right there on the meter you. started by the way to i mean it's not a genuine picture we all know that but i mean it's just the the the light side of this event i mean some people did get injured but then there's other people say well you know what let's just lofted us out let's have a little bit of fighting here let's hume ourselves i heard something interesting that this made you right actually now has its own twitter page where probably you
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actually much more frequently than i do so this is something you'll be due to read more than you do you know what i was quite fascinated find out if you think you are a sheep but. are you following the media i will be from today on. we were talking about the jokes there in the picture of that amir peretz and president putin and you can see that the tone in some of these tweets from from residents and eyewitnesses. hearted i think everyone's not taken in their stride because it's not the type of thing that you can so you don't see on a day to day basis is once every century that this sort of thing happens but you can see that people have taken it in my stride and with good humor as well absolutely i mean you know there you go one saying valentine's day from the sky shooting stars there were people there who did take some of the stuff quite seriously who said you know if we were in. the urals is no the areas known for having nuclear plants what is. it would have happened that he went into one of those plants some of those have been serious tweets that people have yeah what you can see here that there was an air of panic the swept across the the region of
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chile happens whether it was sort of tongue in cheek and as you mention that there are nuclear facilities in the region one in particular that quite well known and a catastrophe in one nine hundred fifty seven in which the fallout is still happening to this day is the the mayak atomic waste storage and treatment center it wasn't quite on par with chernobyl but it was probably the soviet union the second biggest killer disaster back in one thousand nine hundred seven so there are new killer sites there this one for example let me just give you some facts and figures five hundred sixty tons of uranium fuel thirty tons of react to grade plutonium and half a million tons of radioactive waste on that site alone so we could have been quite a disaster had the shock wave from this meteor or affected any of these nuclear facilities thankfully that isn't what happened just to talk through the damage you know with the main thing that was reported in the girl's place there was the sort of damage that windows and smashed gloss because the damage was caused the destruction was caused by the shockwave not by the meteorite itself colliding with
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it so there was no impact as such and all this destruction that you can see you can see the windows and the building shaking that's caused by the shockwave as the meteo enters the south and then the shock wave is created and that's what caused the damage scientists obviously are going to be looking out to see if they can get any scrabbles of what's left of it. do you think they want to and is this the first time that something like this has ever happened in russia no not at all in nineteen zero eight that was the largest meteor of its kind to arrive before friday happened to be in russia as well let me just talk through that to go. to your history and we're going to be on your way in a while but well we're getting bad too. video radio ok there we go well you can you can see it was it was such a vast area this was much bigger than anything we've seen on friday richard five point zero on the richter scale you talk about the importance of this scientists
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are fascinated they want to get hold of pieces of the meteorite because you can see that this was ten years after nine hundred eighty because the area was so remote researchers and scientists couldn't get there and i think scientists of today with the modern technology it champing at the bit to try and find anything they can from the one that landed on friday let's hear from one of our i guess that we spoke to on the way asteroids come from and all kinds of fascinating things you know what happens next let's listen to this question for the future must be could they be predicted. i would think with more satellite and space research you could get some sort of warning over all of these coming provided they can see them to the most soon enough thing is there's a lot lot of sky out there and the speed of this thing which is goes. one of the whole times around the world in an hour that's the speed it will go about it is going to strike a lot and so it's really fast easy even if it's some way away. very slowly in the
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sky then but the question is. when a long way away they look very small but i mean that's an issue maybe there should be an international effort to exactly scan the scars to prepare for things like this. now of course paul pierce so coburn was saying that we need to all work together in terms of finding out anything that we could starting some kind of a star trek sort of society scientists around the world coming together to do that would you be willing to if everything was found would you be willing to buy anything like a little stir fry things i would say it's a once in a lifetime occurrence isn't it would be good to have a little man also walk around with you and so you know but he's saying this for a hundred years and they probably won't see it again for a hundred years i think say all right well hopefully the scientists can find something anything come on that's postcard here with me in the studio.
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in bahrain they have been fresh clashes as police used tear gas against hundreds of protesters armed with stones and firebombs this comes of following the funeral of a teenager who was allegedly shot by authorities earlier this week during a rally marking two years since the start of an end to governing the country the violence has modeled the only talks between the mostly shiite muslim opposition and the sunni dominated government. demanding an end to the ruling families toting political domination but london based activists in germany could cover cabs and there are a few signs that the country's leaders generally one reforms. we're looking at two years in which we've seen no reform and seen nothing change i mean we started this uprising two years ago and on that day the first monster of the uprising was killed
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and now two years later on the same day the future they're bringing another teenager has been killed and there's me in shows and display the continuous human rights the continuous repression taking place on the streets are behind it's good the dialogue has come back on the agenda and there is discussions happening but it seems that you know this latest latest escalation of the security against the people is going to possibly predominate in jeopardy within the ruling family i think of course there are those who simply want to please the international community to say look we're having this dialogue and there is not a great thing was continuing the violations on the street. in the most important speech in the american political and president obama look to you both will make this and that you lecture it on side in the first stage of the union address and his reelection obama talked about the fate of arab spring countries and expanded plans to bring home troops from afghanistan ghana just again has been listening to
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what the president had to say in his state of the union speech president obama outlined some of the external threats that the country spacing first of all terror spreading to different parts of the world for what he said although the u.s. is pulling troops out of afghanistan america's war on terror will continue to listen to this true different kind of affiliates and extremist groups have emerged from the reagan peninsula to africa the threat these groups pose is evolving. but to meet this threat we don't need to send tens of thousands of our sons and daughters abroad occupy other nations we will continue to take direct action against those terrorists who pose the greatest threat to americans although there was no mentioning of the word drone everyone knew that's what the president meant when he was saying direct action with no u.s. troops involved what he did not talk about was the limits for this war that they'd ministration his waging with the remote control the justification of the
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administration gave john brennan's words we don't punish people for past guilt strike before they take action that offers a very broad scope for the use of drones to afghanistan president obama wants to leave some troops on the ground twenty four thousand when they're supposed to be all out in the speech you mentioned ongoing negotiations with the afghan government on that issue and it's going to be a hard bargain because the afghan government wrists further spearing anger of their own population over foreign military presence one could sense a change maybe even your concern as the president touched upon the results of the revolution in the arab world he said it's quote unquote messy he said the u.s. cannot dictate the course of changing countries like very very briefly pressure on syria and it was a change of. remember how the u.s. was cheerleading for revolutions in those countries just a year ago with radical forces gaining momentum in places like syria like libya
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maybe the changes that the administration sees now in the region are not much to their liking among other threats america faces the president talked about cyber attacks he said he had issued an executive order to protect government agencies and key infrastructure from cyber attacks but he did not mention is how the u.s. government itself is carrying out cyber attacks like the reported cyber attack on iran's nuclear program while there's no proof that they're building a bomb this administration said it would view a serious cyber attack a. yes the united states is an act of war but apparently when the u.s. carries out the attack it should not be seen as an act of war. north korea is reportedly preparing for more atomic test a spy deep international ngo after they detonated a third nuclear bomb on tuesday young and described the move as an effort to show up its national security and safeguard it so venti i guess what it called a dre just us hostility from the communist state is already laboring under heavy
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international sanctions and has been banned from any such activities by the u.n. the country had previously tarried out two atomic tests and is believed to possess a small stuff out of the nuclear warheads the un security council unanimously condemns north korea's action and pleasure to give up sanctions against it asia base independent news editor james covered says the timing of the test raises many questions. really i think going to fall into a lot of diplomatic pressure on china to use its leverage with north koreans and i imagine that officials in beijing must have known that this this was coming probably in the next few days and it certainly is it couldn't have happened at a worse time internationally speaking it's the lunar new year in china so basically the entire country is on holiday and in the u.s. are you there is no confirmed secretary of defense or central intelligence director so it's a very interesting time throw that through into that the wild card of xi jinping we don't know much about him or how he's going to lead china and the fact that kim
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jong un is a relatively new leader as well you also have the new all big government in japan and there's a lot of wildcards in this mix to see how this is going to shake out but i think on the question of china specifically if they have a lot of pressure that they can put on north korea. football love bagmen love has come clean on why he wasn't always his best on the pitch the brazilian movies spend seven years with a major muscle club says he was time between the sheets was to blame for his performance on the failed to get the details online and on t.v. dot com plus. a plan to build a replica all the titanic and a safe to recreate the transatlantic voyage has caused a stir with some people offering more than a million dollars for a ticket plan of how the shipbuilders trying to avoid the fate of its predecessor on the web site.
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will be. its technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we've gone to the future are covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day.
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welcome back this is our team player benedict the sixteenth announce his resignation an assault move at the start of the week he says the ill health forced him to make the decision becoming the first pope to resign in six hundred years as pappa z. has been plagued by scandal most notably accusations of a brawl cover up of child abuse within the catholic church and to abuse campaign a bumper doris says the pope and didn't do enough to address paedophilia during his eight years in the position. leave that he. words he showed there were still thing the priesthood he apologized to the victims but he took no action he didn't discipline a single church official for hiding enabling children to predators or you know
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moving them from country to country from diocese to diocese so until he does that nothing has changed and we believe the words were just empty empty promises we have a bishop in the united states that was convicted of child endangerment and is still being allowed to run a diocese the message is clear if you follow the company line if you keep this secret if you put the reputation of the church above this of the children then you will be promoted what a terrible message to send many people no longer trust church officials like they did in the past and that's a very sad statement that you can't trust your bishops. a scandal has erupted in israel after the country's government was forced to acknowledge the death of a prisoner linked to israel secretive service the admission follows a report in those trillion media which revealed a melbourne man hanged himself in prison in twenty ten and the man was reportedly held in such secrecy not even prison guards knew his name it's reported that the
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so-called prisoner x. was involved in israeli espionage in neighboring countries the story had been originally hushed up in the israeli media with the order reportedly coming from the very top columnist and senior correspondent for israel's newspaper. the entire situation is a source of embarrassment for the country. and coming up is in his unparalleled musical manager gets us gun policy in its knees. united states is based on. you know i care rest that you'll never have the fall still play. oh music welcome to the show today come on out to sing we've just got a studio album praised by them on the system is devoted to the debate which is busy
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dividing the united states the same way for a pick mass shootings from the receiver to to sandy hook school while someone killed them and to stop the bloodshed of this want to prevent coming is there a concept of the scheme past we can see exploit kids from opposing factions the military response seat back is a representative of the black panthers problem is you know whiteness and it beyond judgment reach peace compassion in abundance believe me we turn to see some anonymous i agree but why ban guns once you learn to read them you kidding the second amendment is a sacred law beyond guns are evil people are just sick suggested john crimes a mask only happen when people don't have access to semiautomatic weapons and we were given this precious right to bear arms not for hunting bears but to protect dispute only from from each of americans who would defend their land from the colonists no property from our own free government restricts the winter when it comes to pay to try to take power they take the people look at hitler stalin killed
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all the targets listen chavez george the third in fact is that a brit accepts the seventy seventy six locomotive supplants if you can't tell him what comes to telecoms let's hear from general but it's the first time we've had you both in the studio together frankly i'm shocked by what this loss of valuable american lives is a tragedy eleven thousand gun murders each can be truly we need to stop this insanity to see justice our new citizenry leave guns to the criminals smugglers and the military with business the cheap. we need a war on drugs in a war clique like our war on drugs was coming from my cold and pants far general place i understand numbers but the second amendment is clear but can you prevent events like the overseer. when temperance shooting shooters aim shooting knoll calls ago you've been taking your meds the feds will go away to warn you david
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koresh and disarm the shooting but that isn't in connecticut was a deliberate orchestrated spike set up with aim to take our weapons and make the best of them better use them plastic and sometimes they can find. someplace in there waiting to take the united states and to get a creative dictatorship in this culture the only one standing in the way of a general if the slaves want guns let them be our supremacy doesn't depend on weaponry with skulls media money in it we control every aspect of your life why the logical examination if you think you can just stop your reading what you're waiting for the authorities strip you of your liberty for the civil rights and dignity you won super bowls. the global as.
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well i guess that sums it up and brings us to point to the end of our report on guns in the divided stakes of america sent me it's not our place to pass judgment but listen with a question and a last comment if your passion for the second amendment were missed by down the budget and then independent of the bonus media. the free internet was prevalent today wouldn't always be there but. if it's in the region of economics that germany begins with follows the first and best line of defense being seventy all with guns with the truth stay safe everyone.


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